Electric Acupuncture

Electro-acupuncture represents an advanced approach to traditional acupuncture therapy. In this technique, an electrical current is transmitted through connecting cables from an electro machine to the acupuncture needles, enhancing the stimulation of muscle and fascia using various electrotherapeutic methods.

Distinguishing itself from a TENS machine, which operates on the skin's surface, electro-acupuncture offers a deeper impact by penetrating the skin and reaching into the tissue. As the electrical current passes through the needle and into the muscle tissue, its effects are amplified due to the lower electrical resistance found in muscles and nerves compared to skin, bone, or fat.

Moreover, electro-acupuncture provides versatility through the application of different types of electrical currents. For instance, micro-current, with its minute amplitude, influences cellular functions without triggering muscle twitches or nerve responses. Similarly, milli-current, shared by electro-acupuncture and TENS machines, exerts broader effects on muscles and fascia, with electro-acupuncture standing out for its ability to access deeper tissue layers. This modality is particularly beneficial for strengthening muscles, enhancing local circulation, and alleviating pain.

By merging the therapeutic benefits of acupuncture with electrotherapeutic techniques, electro-acupuncture not only augments clinical outcomes but also offers targeted relief for diverse conditions, including connective tissue injuries, muscle strains, and ligament or tendon damage.

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